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Roof repairs and full roof replacement.

The roof of a house is the part most exposed to the storms.

It is particularly important, therefore, that work carried out on your roof is of the highest quality.

Unlike work at ground level you have to trust your roofing contractor's operatives to know what they are doing because it is difficult for you to monitor the work as it progresses.

What we do

Loft conversions

Rooms-in-roof. If you cannot extend outward, extend upward

Roof repairs

Slates and tiles, leadwork, rooflights, fascias and rainwatr goods, selective replacement

New roofs

In natural slate, artificial slate, clay tile or composite tile.

The fact is roofing work attracts the 'cowboys' because they know you cannot check what they are up to.

It is most important that you engage a roofing company with a track record and a reputation for good solid work that can be verified.

In addition to workmanship, safety is another key issue — safety of the workforce, safety of the occupants, safety of the public. Our safety produres fully comply with government HSE requirements.





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